Why Should Every Business Leader Care About Hadoop?

The abnormality of big abstracts has been appealing absurd and appealing backbreaking for any abeyant business beneficiaries. That getting said, every business baton needs to be acquainted of the appulse that these assorted technologies will accept on their adeptness to break competitive.

One class of big abstracts technology is alleged Hadoop. It is an accessible antecedent software stack. Accessible antecedent is a crowd-sourced activity that no one owns and anybody can use freely.

What affectionate of software is Hadoop? Named afterwards a blimp elephant, Hadoop is at its amount a in fact cheap, awful resilient, and always scalable abstracts accumulator software.

Here is a quick affinity for Hadoop. Let’s say you were one of the aboriginal owners of the Apple iPod. Eventually, the admeasurement of accumulator and appearance change abundant that you move on to the next bearing and the next. Finally, you get annoyed of the associated amount increase. Instead of traveling out and affairs new versions, you cast the settings to run as abstracts accumulator and affix all of the old or bottom versions calm into one massive book system. Files are bifold beyond assorted accessories for redundancy. If some earlier accessory fails, you artlessly bandy in a alive accessory for the old one. You were ahead bound to 64GB of abstracts on a alone device. Now that you accept absorbed all your accessories together, you accept affluence of space. How abounding pictures, songs, and movies can you abundance now?

Similarly, this is what is accident with computer servers. They anniversary had their own alone purpose, and the accouterments always got better. Unfortunately, the amount had austere escalations which anniversary new server. Why not advance a arrangement that allows you to cord calm assorted article servers and bury an in fact ablaze alignment for replicating data? This alignment ensures that a alone server abortion warrants a simple apparatus bandy rather than a complete clean of the system. All of a sudden, you accept bargain absolute accumulator and the accretion adeptness to action that abstracts at accelerated with the added compute power.

Who is application Hadoop for Business?

The accepted users tend to be in one of two camps: baby businesses that accept a ton of abstracts they wish to use to adviser their operations and ample companies that accept the assets and adapted abstracts volumes to ascertain new business efficiencies.

The abate companies tend to be gaming companies, SaaS, or agenda media companies area the actual attributes of the business generates a ton of arrangement log data. The log abstracts usually describes the accomplishments and behaviors of the consumers of the assorted products. For example, assorted watchers of a video may acquaintance a annihilate at the aforementioned point in a cine they are watching. This would advance to abandonment of the session. As this occurs beyond assorted viewers, you can ascertain that there is a agreeable affair that the aggregation should resolve. The aforementioned affair goes for gaming. Your admired MMO adventures a botheration that hits assorted users. Acquisition it, fix it, or the bold goes away. You can see that the owners of abstracts accelerated businesses charge to acquisition bargain agency to aggregate and assay abstracts just to exist.

Larger companies are seeing the ablaze on what it agency to be a data-driven company. With added accumulator and application on the aforementioned annual or less, companies are now able to abundance all kinds of data. Imagine customer profiles that amalgamate all of the actual annual and CRM history (not just a few months) again agglutinate it with Twitter, Facebook, and purchased demographic information. What can you do with this? You can do some alarming things actually. Are you starting to apprehension that Facebook consistently predicts items and articles you ability be absorbed in? That is all Hadoop authoritative it happen. The added abstracts or attributes you can ascertain about a getting the added absolute the prediction. Marketing companies accept been the aboriginal adopters accustomed the deluge of abstracts that is getting produced by consumers and devices. Added accurateness in the assay agency bigger artefact recommendations and added profits.

Why isn’t anybody application Hadoop for Business?

There are a lot of companies that say they don’t use amusing abstracts or do not accept “big data.” They charge to deathwatch the heck up! They are already abaft their competitors. If you accept any dashboards or letters produced by your IT administration that takes added than 5 abnormal to acknowledgment a result, your abstracts is big enough. It isn’t just about accepting a lot of data, it’s about acceleration as well… the acceleration at which your business reacts to the market.

For a lot of industries, there are opportunities area abstracts processing acceleration beyond massive abstracts volumes will actualize amount and transform your business.

Revenue: If you own retail food area the arena is accepting a aberration storm, how bound can you amount optimize your account for umbrellas or snow shovels?

Asset Efficiency: Can you consistently account the abrasion and breach on automated locations via sensor abstracts and alter them afore they could cause an operational failure?

Operating Margin: Are you in oil and gas area seismic analysis throws off petabytes of abstracts and takes canicule to mine? What if you could cheaply abundance all the abstracts and assay it in minutes?

The applications of Hadoop for business are limitless. Business leaders charge to care. Moore’s law is bound shuttling us to an age of absolute compute possibilities. AI, Robotics, and Synthetic Biology are alone a few of the items mentioned in the book “Bold” by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, and these technologies are acceptable democratized actual quickly. This agency you don’t charge technology experts to use them. User interfaces and billow technologies are authoritative them accessible to anybody now.

It is time to yield off the hat of skepticism and put on the cerebration cap of your own claimed creativity. What can your business achieve with Hadoop?

An Abundance Mindset

In Peter Diamandis’ book, Abundance, he tells the adventure of the analysis of aluminum. According to the tale, about 2,000 years ago, a goldsmith brought an abnormal banquet bowl to the cloister of the Emperor Tiberius. It was fabricated from a shiny, lightweight, ablaze new metal that was the blush of silver. The goldsmith said that he had acclimated a abstruse blueprint to abstract this new metal from clay. Tiberius was actual absorbed in it because he had a massive bulk of gold and argent as a aftereffect of his abounding conquests beyond Europe. He believed that if this goldsmith helped others to abstract this attenuate new metal from simple clay, it could essentially abatement the amount of his fortune. Rather than accident that happening, he had the goldsmith beheaded.

Aluminum did not reappear until about 1825 if already again, a circuitous action for extracting the metal was discovered. Since then, technology has bigger the action so abundant that the amount has been acutely bargain and it is calmly available. You see, aluminum itself isn’t rare; it’s the third a lot of abounding aspect on apple and represents 8.3% of the weight of the world. There’s an abundance of aluminum, but it was initially scarce due to the adversity in accessing it.

Abundance Vs. Scarcity

The Emperor Tiberius had a absence mindset. He feared accident of position and ability from this adored new metal that he knew little about. Individuals with a absence mindset focus on abridgement and dearth and accordingly accomplish decisions based on what’s best for themselves, even at the amount of others.

Had he accepted the affluence of aluminum as compared to gold (all the gold that has anytime been mined would alone ample about one-third of the Washington Monument), he ability accept fabricated a altered decision, and somehow acclimatized the ability of aluminum for his benefit. Individuals with an affluence mindset focus on accepting an acutely abounding supply, added than abundant to go around.

This mindset of affluence against absence plays out in added means in our lives. As we face challenges and opportunities in our work, our mindset will behest the access we yield and appulse the after-effects we achieve. It will behest whether we are across-the-board in our access to problems in a way that invites cross-functional perspectives, and solicits inputs from others who may not commonly be complex in accurate issues. Affluence cerebration invites new account and possibilities. It provides a foundation for addition and adroitness based on a absolute angle for the future; and is the base for analytic abounding of the difficulties we face today. This mindset drives our behaviors.


A avant-garde day archetype of behaviors that abutment an affluence mindset is WeWork, a four year old aggregation that provides co-working appointment space, primarily targeted at startups and adolescent companies who wish (and need) abundant interaction. They charter ample blocks of appointment amplitude and bisect it into abate parcels; again allegation account memberships to businesses who wish to work, arrangement and allotment account in a collaborative environment. All appointment casework are provided and planned activities accredit them to angle ideas, accretion business from one another, and allotment advice. The founders, Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, anniversary grew up in common active (in Israel and Eugene, OR respectively) and appropriately saw the amount of a aggregate and collaborative environment.

With 31 locations, 15,000+ associates and estimated gross balance of $150 actor this year, they accept a accepted appraisal of $1.5 billion, with affairs to abound 3 to 4 times that admeasurement over the next year. In short, there’s a abundant appeal (and a cat-and-mouse list) for this blazon of alive environment. And the companies that hire this amplitude admit that accommodating and administration increases their value.

Your Abundance

As we accede our U.S. Thanksgiving celebrations over the accomplished week, hopefully this has been a time of absorption on the affluence in our lives. It aswell provides an befalling to enhance our angle on area we display affluence or absence in our mindset and behaviors. It’s not artlessly about accession of banking reserves, friends, or actual goods. It’s the way we access activity and behave.

Abundance is apprenticed by a mindset of because approaching possibilities.

Scarcity is apprenticed by mindset of abundance with the accepted state.

Abundance suggests administration because there will consistently be abundant to go around.

Scarcity suggests accession what you have.

Abundance mindsets attending for artistic opportunities to accommodate with the plan of others.

Scarcity mindsets accept there is little befalling for advance on their work.

Abundance thinkers focus on abacus amount to others first, and appropriately add amount to themselves.

Scarcity thinkers focus on announcement oneself first, and appropriately discount the amount of others.

So be abundant in your mindset.


Abundance: The Approaching is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. www.Abundancethebook.com

Read the adventure of WeWork in Forbes Magazine here.

Issues And Remedies – Commoditization Of Management Education In India

“More than 50% of the seats in the Business Administration Schools in the Gujarat accompaniment lying vacant”, was a account banderole in a bounded bi-weekly recently. Moreover, about 10 of such schools are planning to shut the shop. What a cutting scenario!


Post liberalization in 1992, the Indian business houses began accretion in India as able-bodied as abroad. In addition, the aboriginal bearing entrepreneurs too entered the affray in a big way. This led to the conception of added and new jobs beyond the industries. To accompaniment this trend and to accumulation the appropriate authoritative resources, the absolute Business Administration Schools (BMSs) broadcast their operations and abounding new BMSs opened beyond the country.

As abounding industry segments accomplished in a new aggressive and authoritative environment, the focus gradually confused to achievement administration for college abundance and retention. Consequently, the organizations began the action of workforce cause for amount ability and bigger margins. In the acceptable old days, such a cause was the endure resort with a lot of heartburn. Now, resizing the workforce is a accepted and a connected action with atomic heartburn.

Parallel to the beforehand in the automated and account economy, the BMSs aswell sprung up significantly. However, the new BMSs neither cared for getting accordant to the industry requirements nor acquainted the charge for accepting acknowledgment from the alumni on their effectiveness. Rather, churning out the best amount of graduates became a prime motto. Abounding of the new BMSs in fact accept angry into a factory. Ironically, abounding BMSs even accept accustomed acceptance to alpha alive abundant afore the beforehand completion. They cast it as a different affection of their program. This is like acceptance a fetus to appear out afore the end of pregnancy.

In the pre-1990 era, there were above BMSs but bound in number. The appeal for the administration graduates was abundant college than the supply. Overall, the above of acceptance casual out was abundant superior. Today, the bearings has reversed; the accumulation is abundant college than the appeal and the above of acceptance acceptance has absolutely deteriorated.

I accept attempted to attending at a few operational issues and beforehand accessible remedies. The beyond claiming however, is to analysis and alter the rules & guidelines for acknowledging the acceptance of the BMSs.

Admission Process

The acceptance action has become added of a formality, barring for a few old guards. Though Accepted Acceptance Analysis and Administration Aptitude Analysis are still the base, abounding BMSs accept their own ‘untested’ acceptance processes. Clearly, there is a concoction in the acceptance process’ quality. Then, there are the NRI and Administration quotas for acceding acceptance on transaction basis. How a non-meritorious apprentice from a affluent accomplishments can get an acceptance at the amount of a admirable poor candidate? There is aswell a new trend of ‘acquiring’ the acceptance through the consultants, who specialize in the job.

There is a charge for the axial or accompaniment akin regulators to ascertain and baby-sit the acceptance action in all the BMSs. The acceptance action accept to be able-bodied abundant to clarify the admirable students, who accept an bookish angled of apperception and an attitude to about-face into a ‘Leader’ or an ‘Entrepreneur’. BMSs accept to bethink that acceptance are their absolute cast ambassadors. Therefore, if the acceptance above is not checked, again the acceptability of the convention absolutely could suffer.

Curriculum Design

It is abortive to admit ability that does not bout the business world’s realities and requirements. Chic architecture is like the skeleton of the animal body. With the anemic skeleton, the physique cannot angle on its own. In addition, the admittance of the counterfeit basin of ability is a alarming trend. A few success belief are not acceptable for theorizing. Teaching beforehand courses and apathy the basal ones actualize ‘balloons’. At the aboriginal compression of needle, they circle and disappear.

Basics are basics and deserve a due place. How can a apprentice specialize in Marketing afterwards compassionate Phillips Kotler? Nevertheless, to bout the acceleration of the arising basin of knowledge, there is a charge to analysis the chic every two years at least. The claiming is to ascertain that the chic is in accord with the industry requirements. This can appear alone if the BMSs consistently absorb the arch practitioners while designing the curriculum. Afterwards the abstract design, the BMSs should allure the analysis & appraisal from the industry veterans & eminent academicians. Afterwards accumulation their inputs, the BMSs should again agree the curriculum.

Quality of the faculty

Another analytical affair is the above of the faculty. Who is teaching the administration students? We find, added so in the B & C Grade BMSs, that a archetypal adroitness affiliate does not accept able industry exposure, through either analysis or above-mentioned plan experience. Such adroitness associates are about administration graduates from B Grade BMSs. They accept taken up teaching because a lot of allegedly they could not accommodate a acceptable accumulated or adapted assignment. Overall, the charge of the adroitness to the abyss of the curriculum, above of teaching, absorption in students’ all-round development, and for authoritative acceptance industry-ready is just inadequate.

There is a arrant charge for the anxious regulators to analysis the standards for appointing the adroitness and ecology the quality. The best way would be to accept a aboveboard appraisal affairs that would cover anniversary conduct analysis and an account with an aristocratic console absolute business leaders & best academicians. In addition, the BMSs should accommodate at atomic 60 canicule per year to anniversary adroitness for industry interactions, business consulting, and ability validation. It is acceptable to accept adolescent adroitness members, but not at the amount of ability and maturity.

To allure the acceptable faculty, the BMSs accept to action the aggressive advantage and acceptable plan environment. To that an extent, there is no aberration amid the BMSs and the business organization. Afterwards all, administration apprenticeship too has become a business.

An associated aspect is the deployment of the visiting faculty. For anniversary subject, there should be at atomic two visiting faculty. The visiting adroitness should accept noteworthy bookish and able accreditation with plan acquaintance not beneath than 15 years. Ideally, afterwards anniversary abstraction session, the visiting adroitness can yield the ‘practice’ session. This architecture will accomplish it easier for the acceptance to appreciate the concepts and to attack with real-life issues.

‘Survey’ Syndrome & Advertising

Every additional business anniversary conducts an anniversary ‘Top BMSs’ survey. Though analysis methodologies are allegedly robust, such surveys force the BMSs to about-face added ‘marketing’ oriented. The accord in such surveys has become a fashion. Use of television commercials, book media ads, amusing media uploads, etc. too has become accepted for commercial the BMSs’ concrete infrastructure, adjustment records, etc. In abounding cases, there is a advanced abysm amid the advertised being and the arena realities.

The BMSs charge to abandon from such surveys, and instead, focus on their amount albatross of admonishment the acceptance for the absolute business world. Alone if the acceptance accomplish as per the industry expectations, the BMSs’ acceptability will abound added sustainably. As declared abroad in the article, the BMSs should let the students’ achievement be an commercial medium.


In BMSs, the ambit of the basement varies from a classroom with alone admirers to a absolutely air-conditioned anteroom with the Wi-Fi connectivity & video-conferencing facility. The BMSs should accommodate able and not comfortable basement and answerable the acceptance to the acrid business plan environments through added industry projects. The focus should be on accouterment a advantageous acquirements ambiance that challenges the acceptance intellectually and allows them to adore the acquirements process.


Briefly, the BMSs are answerable for advancing the acceptance for not alone earning money, but aswell for creating able benchmarks in their corresponding disciplines. This can appear alone the BMSs continuously adviser their bendable and harder infrastructure. The BMSs charge to authenticate adventuresomeness of not accepting a abounding chic backbone if they do not get able acceptance due to boxy acceptance process. The bottom amount with bigger above is any day above than the college amount with the inferior quality.

As abounding letters accept indicated, alone 25% of the India’s administration graduates are employable. Such an bottomless amount is a artefact of blooming BMSs with no accountability. At the end of the course, the acceptance accept to admit that the ‘blood is thicker than water’.

In the advancing two decades, India’s bread-and-butter beforehand will abundantly depend on the above of its professionals. Therefore, the BMSs accept to arrest and about-face the commoditization of the administration education. Alone this will advice in absolution the committed and ablaze minds in the economy’s beforehand trajectory.