An Abundance Mindset

In Peter Diamandis’ book, Abundance, he tells the adventure of the analysis of aluminum. According to the tale, about 2,000 years ago, a goldsmith brought an abnormal banquet bowl to the cloister of the Emperor Tiberius. It was fabricated from a shiny, lightweight, ablaze new metal that was the blush of silver. The goldsmith said that he had acclimated a abstruse blueprint to abstract this new metal from clay. Tiberius was actual absorbed in it because he had a massive bulk of gold and argent as a aftereffect of his abounding conquests beyond Europe. He believed that if this goldsmith helped others to abstract this attenuate new metal from simple clay, it could essentially abatement the amount of his fortune. Rather than accident that happening, he had the goldsmith beheaded.

Aluminum did not reappear until about 1825 if already again, a circuitous action for extracting the metal was discovered. Since then, technology has bigger the action so abundant that the amount has been acutely bargain and it is calmly available. You see, aluminum itself isn’t rare; it’s the third a lot of abounding aspect on apple and represents 8.3% of the weight of the world. There’s an abundance of aluminum, but it was initially scarce due to the adversity in accessing it.

Abundance Vs. Scarcity

The Emperor Tiberius had a absence mindset. He feared accident of position and ability from this adored new metal that he knew little about. Individuals with a absence mindset focus on abridgement and dearth and accordingly accomplish decisions based on what’s best for themselves, even at the amount of others.

Had he accepted the affluence of aluminum as compared to gold (all the gold that has anytime been mined would alone ample about one-third of the Washington Monument), he ability accept fabricated a altered decision, and somehow acclimatized the ability of aluminum for his benefit. Individuals with an affluence mindset focus on accepting an acutely abounding supply, added than abundant to go around.

This mindset of affluence against absence plays out in added means in our lives. As we face challenges and opportunities in our work, our mindset will behest the access we yield and appulse the after-effects we achieve. It will behest whether we are across-the-board in our access to problems in a way that invites cross-functional perspectives, and solicits inputs from others who may not commonly be complex in accurate issues. Affluence cerebration invites new account and possibilities. It provides a foundation for addition and adroitness based on a absolute angle for the future; and is the base for analytic abounding of the difficulties we face today. This mindset drives our behaviors.


A avant-garde day archetype of behaviors that abutment an affluence mindset is WeWork, a four year old aggregation that provides co-working appointment space, primarily targeted at startups and adolescent companies who wish (and need) abundant interaction. They charter ample blocks of appointment amplitude and bisect it into abate parcels; again allegation account memberships to businesses who wish to work, arrangement and allotment account in a collaborative environment. All appointment casework are provided and planned activities accredit them to angle ideas, accretion business from one another, and allotment advice. The founders, Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, anniversary grew up in common active (in Israel and Eugene, OR respectively) and appropriately saw the amount of a aggregate and collaborative environment.

With 31 locations, 15,000+ associates and estimated gross balance of $150 actor this year, they accept a accepted appraisal of $1.5 billion, with affairs to abound 3 to 4 times that admeasurement over the next year. In short, there’s a abundant appeal (and a cat-and-mouse list) for this blazon of alive environment. And the companies that hire this amplitude admit that accommodating and administration increases their value.

Your Abundance

As we accede our U.S. Thanksgiving celebrations over the accomplished week, hopefully this has been a time of absorption on the affluence in our lives. It aswell provides an befalling to enhance our angle on area we display affluence or absence in our mindset and behaviors. It’s not artlessly about accession of banking reserves, friends, or actual goods. It’s the way we access activity and behave.

Abundance is apprenticed by a mindset of because approaching possibilities.

Scarcity is apprenticed by mindset of abundance with the accepted state.

Abundance suggests administration because there will consistently be abundant to go around.

Scarcity suggests accession what you have.

Abundance mindsets attending for artistic opportunities to accommodate with the plan of others.

Scarcity mindsets accept there is little befalling for advance on their work.

Abundance thinkers focus on abacus amount to others first, and appropriately add amount to themselves.

Scarcity thinkers focus on announcement oneself first, and appropriately discount the amount of others.

So be abundant in your mindset.


Abundance: The Approaching is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

Read the adventure of WeWork in Forbes Magazine here.